An ‘oh wow, how did I get to be standing here?’ moment.

Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. The middle photo shows the Three Sisters rock formation.

10.20.2014 / 1 note

Bronte Beach, Sydney, New South Wales. Bondi’s better looking baby sister. 

10.18.2014 / 10 notes

This was my first day in Sydney, after having landed at 6am and having slept for around 2 hours in the two days before, and then taken the greatest shower of my life at the hostel. (Sitting on a Boeing for 22 hours makes you smell like one. A lot.)

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

10.07.2014 / 3 notes

Approximately 2 hours before I left the UK for Australia. I was having a meal with my big brother and trying very hard not to cry. Shortly after this I cleared security and was sat in duty free failing very much in the not crying mandate. I’m sure the Indian family sat next to me thought I was a complete nutter who was also dressed like a homeless person.

09.10.2014 / 3 notes